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Distal Tibia / Fibula Plates 3.5

The set comprises LOQTEQ® distal tibia plates for medial and anterolateral application as well as lateral distal fibula plates. Number and placement of plate holes as well as the screw trajectories are designed for treatment of a wide range of fracture types. The distal design respects the minimal soft tissue coverage and helps preventing potential irritation due to implant prominences.

Distal Lateral Femur Plate 4.5

The Distal Lateral Femur Plate is part of the LOQTEQ® plating system. It combines anatomical fit, maximum strength and angular stability with compression capability throughout the length of the plate shaft. Targeting instruments specially designed for the femoral plate permit minimally invasive insertion technique, which aims to reduce soft tissue trauma.

Proximal Tibia Plates 3.5/4.5

For the treatment of proximal tibia fractures the LOQTEQ® system offers 2 options: the surgeon can choose lateral plates for small or large fragment screws with virtually identical mechanical stability. The lateral plate 3.5 is complemented by medial buttress plates in the set. All proximal screws diverge for best possible purchase in the bone and thus contribute the high stability of the construct.

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