The unique, spherical bearing of the Discovery® Elbow is designed to increase the articular surface contact. In turn, this increased articular surface contact creates a more even distribution of stress across the implant, potentially reducing wear more than the Discovery Elbow’s competitors. The bearing is available with e+™ vitamin E-blended polyethylene, which has been found to significantly reduce wear and oxidation rates when compared to conventional polyethylene. The Discovery Elbow provides more contact for less stress on the elbow bearings.

Anatomic Design

The Discovery Elbow System is designed to reproduce the anatomy and restore the mechanics of the elbow. With its user-friendly instrumentation and intra-operative assembly options, this implant is suitable for surgeons of all experience levels.

Intraoperative Flexibility

Any size ulnar component can be paired with any size humeral component. The size 3 humeral component, however, can only be paired with the size 2.5 ulnar component.



With its fully mechanical, lightweight, carbon fiber design, ADAPTABLE™ is easy to setup, transport, and store. At approximately 10lbs, ADAPTABLE is a fraction of the size of a traditional specialty table and can easily be stored in its small case.


ADAPTABLE™ is a 2-in-1 efficient DAA solution facilitating retractor placement and leg positioning for femoral exposure, ROM, and leg length assessment. Optimized for the outpatient setting, different attachments will allow the same arm to be used for TKA as well as TSA and RTSA procedures.


ADAPTABLE™ is the first fully sterile, surgeon-controlled leg and retractor holder designed for a safe DAA. With control in your hands, you will no longer need to ask who is running your specialty table. This potentially decreases risk associated with undertrained or unauthorized staff running the specialty table allowing you to improve your OR economy by better utilizing existing staff in the OR. Optimizing headcount gives you the opportunity for a solo-DAA.

TaperFill® Tri-Taper™ Hip

Direct lateralization of the neck allows for increased stability without increased leg-length. Is compatible with DJO’s advanced bearing surface options.

Foundation® Bipolar Unipolar

Provide all the necessary options for hemi hip arthroplasty. These systems are easy to use and can be paired with any DJO Surgical stem.

Linear ® Hip

The Linear is a versatile hip system that incorporates a reduced lateral shoulder, proximal fixation and reduced distal geometry.