ReBOSSIS + Blood

ReBOSSIS is an innovative-type synthetic bone-void/defect-filling material. ReBOSSIS feels like cotton. Its main ingredients are β-TCP (β-Tricalcium Phosphate), Bioabsorbable Polymer and SiV (Silicone-containing Calcium Carbonate that promotes the bone formation). Being cottony type and using these major ingredients are the greatest advantage of ReBOSSIS.

Being cottony-type, ReBOSSIS is much easier-to-handle at the time of operations comparing to existing types of artificial bones. For example, unlike block-type solid artificial bone, doctors don’t need to process ReBOSSIS to make it fit into the shape or condition of different bone defects. Also, unlike granular-type artificial bone, ReBOSSIS does not fall from a bone-defect/void after filling. In addition to its good handling property, ReBOSSIS is featured with good elasticity and resilient capability, which is a great difference from the existing types of artificial bones.

Being elastic and resilient, ReBOSSIS is designed to perfectly fill a bone void of any part of a patient’s body and any sizes in a shorter time. Plus, ReBOSSIS can stay in a void firmly without any risk of falling from the void. Then ReBOSSIS replaces itself with the patient’s bone after healing.

ReBOSSIS + Blood Process

Every bagged ReBOSSIS is carefully packaged. Just get the product out of the package, and then ReBOSSIS is ready for use.