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Cannulated Screws

Screws and their respective instrumentation are color coded by screw diameter.

Wire/Drill Guide Assembly

  • Snap Modular Handle into Drill Cannula.
  • Slide Wire Guide into Drill Cannula until fully seated.

K-wire Insertion

  • Drive the appropriate size K-wire through the guide to desired depth.
  • Measure K-wire depth through the guide window.
  • If desired, advance K-wire further to help prevent disengagement when drilling over K-wire.

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Total Wrist Fusion Plate

A proven technology with augmented instrumentation:

Proprietary tool augments compression thru joint

Biplanar, offset screws create a stiffer construct

Forearm Plates

Pre-countoured plating system that’s ideal for forearms:

Pre-contoured plates match varying forearm anatomy

Biplanar, offset screws make a stiffer construct

Proprietary tool delivers unrivaled compression

Fusion Cup

Fuse multiple carpal or tarsal bones with a  360˚ locking bridge plate:

PEEK material has modulus similar to cortical bone

Screws lock into the plate

Radiolucency assures optimal screw placement

Technique #1

Technique #2

Technique #3


Bridge Plate

Internal distraction plate controls unstable comminuted distal radius fractures:

Limited contact design

Ease of insertion with tapered, edge-free contour

Proprietary plate insertion tool

Dorsal Buttress Pin™

Fragment Specific device malleable to multiple fracture patterns yet rigid enough for early motion:

Extremely low profile

Articular buttress

Control dorsal rim and wall fragments

Volar Buttress Pin™

Fragment Specific solution to fix extremely small or very distal volar rim fragments:

Corrects dorsiflexed volar lip fractures

Returns carpus in volar displaced rim fractures

Controls fragment and offers articular buttress

Volar Fixed Angle Plate

The Fixed Angle Plate offers quick, reliable peg placement for simpler fractures:

Edge-free contour

Two distinct radial styloid peg holes

Quick-Guide™ drilling option

AnkleLower Extremity


Cluster Plate

Low Profile, contoured plate with offset screw hole for biplanar fixation. Anatomically contoured plate with tapered proximal end

4.0 Cannulated Compression Screw

Low-profile, headed cannulated compression screw. Self-drilling and self-tapping for convenience. Cannulated design for precise installation. Flat-head to limit soft tissue irritation.

4.0 Cortical Screw

Fully threaded, self-tapping cortical screw. Same shaft diameter as traditional 4.5mm screws. Compatible with all existing TriMed ankle plates. Washer available for additional compression.

Semi-tubular Plate

Low-profile, locking semi-tubular plate for long bone fixation. Offset screw holes for added strength. Slotted hole for Expander/Compression tool use. Arched underside design for better load support